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UV LED 395

Product Description


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Conveyer is ideal for top material curing mid-to-high volume production. Using LED ultraviolet light as the primary cure method, the conveyer is optimized for curing of parts up to 460 mm in size.

As in-line system with LED technology ensure fast and reliable curing. The low heat input at the substrate allows the irradiation of even temperature-sensitive materials.  As LEDs require no warm-up period, the LED heads can be switched on and off without problems and are immediately ready for operation.


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  • Single or dual lane
  • Works implemented after Coating equipment
  • Conveyor drive
  • Control: LCD touch panel
  • Width adjustment up to 460 mm
  • Convenient and easy-to-use operating system
  • SMEMA Communication to other machines
  • Low maintenance and easy to operate
  • Curing of materials
  • UVLed technology at 395nm
  • Inline solution
  • Air extraction lateral



  • Wireless Communication
  • European safety regulations (CE)
  • Static Zone Application
  • Automatic regulation of the speed of the conveyor
  • Automatic conveyor width adjustment function



  • The PLC control the lamp.
  • Control of the time of curing in static mode.
  • Option: Automatic regulation of the speed of the conveyor for curing on the dynamic mode.


Component clearance: 100 mm top and 50 mm bottom

Conveyor height: 920 to 1000 mm

Conveyor speed: 300 to 1500 mm/min

Conveyor width: 50 to 460 mm

Conveyor length: 800 mm

Maximum load: 4Kg/m evenly distributed

Lampe LED UV

Emission peak: 395mm

Radiating surface with dynamic mode: 120 / 240 /360 /460 mm

Power (variable): max: 8W/cm²

Cooling the lamp by air. Adjustment of the exposure time settings, measurement the time with the PLC, manual adjustment of the lamp in height positions.

The air cooling is continuous from the time when the lamp is plugged. It must be used in a room where the max temperature is around 25 ° C (must not exceed 30 °C otherwise won’t work efficiently).

Height and exposure time of the lamp are the only variables for the polymerization parameters.

The typical LED service life under the intended operating conditions is over 15 000 hours.

Conformal Coating (UV -Dual cure)

ABchimie526UV LED

ABchimie42K UV LED

ABchimie6500UV LED

ABchimie6022UV LED

ABchimie7991UV LED

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