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A New Standard in High Performance and Flexible Printing. The SP1-W screen printer offers increased print size for large board applications while maintaining Industry leading accuracy.


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■ Allows mixed production of different types of PCBs

• Allows inline operation with two sets of printers by applying a dual-lane conveyor (bypass) for high speed and mixed production.

■ 2D barcode tracking function

• Allows tracking of printing defects by recognizing the 2D barcode attached to a PCB and saving the PCB information.

■ SPI feedback function

• Improves the printing quality and defect ratio by performing automatic inspection and cleaning of the mask openings after receiving feedback from SPI stage.

Printing defect feedback

Automatic cleaning when SPI defects are detected.

■ Default PCB Program

• Minimizes user operation requirements during  printing conditions by providing a default PCB program.

■ Automatic solder paste supply

■ Automatic Stencil position setting

■ Automatic print height leveling

■ Environmental control unit (external type)

■ Circulation blower (internal type)

■ Printing Accuracy: 12.5㎛@6σ

■ Printing Cycle Speed: 7 sec

■ Applicable PCB: 510(L) x 460(W) (Single Lane), 330(L) x 310(W ) (Dual Lane)

■ Stencil Size: Max. 736(L) x 736(W)

■ Machine Size: 1,540(W) x 1,650(D)

■ Mixed production of different types of PCBs/automatic Stencil position setting/ SPI Feedback/Advanced software interface

■ Options include Dual Lane Configuration and extension conveyors


[Greater Range of PCB and Stencil Sizes]

■ Supports PCBs up to 510 x 460mm.

• Allows dual mode operation up to 330 X250mm.

• Provides printing accuracy of 12.5㎛@6σ with a printing cycle time of 7 seconds.

■ Multiple Stencil Sizes

• Supports sizes from 550 ~ 736mm and the variable support allows quick change between types with indexes at 550,600,650 and 736mm


[Variable Stencil Support]

Configurable with various conveyor types

■ Allows conveyor configuration according to the user’s production environment.

• Single, dual and extension conveyors supported.

[Reduced cleaning time]

■ Increases productivity by reducing the cleaning time by improving the cleaning sequence.


[One touch squeegee replacement]

■ Allows easy squeegee replacement by changing the manual screw attachment to an instant removal and installation method.