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The SE600™ – CyberOptics’ flagship SPI system, is the most advanced, high performance system ever. SE600™ brings together best accuracy and world-class usability on a single platform – making it the most ideal inspection solution for automotive, medical, military and other top niche markets.

SE600™ comes with a standard dual illumination sensor designed to offer the best GR&R results – even on the very smallest of paste deposits.

The award-winning new SPIV5 software offers revolutionary features that enable incredibly smarter and faster inspection.

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  • Ultimate Precision Accuracy
  • State-of-the-art Dual Illumination Sensor enabling ‘true’ height measurement with shadow-free imaging
  • High speed inspection with peak 108 cm²/sec speed (avg 80cm²/sec)
  • Award-winning, Newly Designed Software
  • Multi-touch Intuitive Software Enabling Shortest Learning Curve
  • Closed Loop Feedback Ready
  • CyberPrint OPTIMIZER™ Ready
  • Mounter Feed Forward Ready

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