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Tabletop With In-Line Performance

The QX150™ is powered by an all-new SIM (Strobed Inspection Module) with enhanced illumination – designed to deliver true, in-line inspection performance. The SIM enables on-the-fly inspection making the QX150™ the fastest tabletop ever at 150 cm²/sec. A higher sensor resolution (12µm) offers superior quality images for more accurate defect review. And, as always, the SIM is calibration-free.

The QX150™ delivers quick setup and fast programming with AI² (Autonomous Image Interpretation) technology. A dramatic 90 percent reduction in examples and full support for unsupervised and semi-automatic model training means significantly lower tuning time and quality results with a single panel inspection. Perfect for those high-mix, low-volume applications!

QX150™ also offers 100% program compatibility with all QX inline AOI systems.

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UV Strobed Inspection Module World’s fastest tabletop at 150 cm²/sec
UV illuminationTrue, in-line inspection capability with all-new SIM (Strobed Inspection Module)
Higher resolution Higher resolution (12µm) for superior quality images
Quick Setup Quick setup and fast programming with AI² technology
Lowest false Call Rate Lowest false call rate and zero escapes
AOI systems 100% program compatibility with CyberOptics’ in-line systems

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