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NPS Serie

Product Description



■ Impletion of stable printing repeatability why highly rigid stage structure

■ PCB Clamping-

■ Rigid design for frame of vision ‘Y’ axis

■ 2Cameras

■ Easy & convenience Mask Cleaning system_

■ The mask is moved to the optimal position according to the PCB size.

■ Uniform pressure control

■ Convenience Conveyor system

■ Interface for User convenience

■ Convenience printing off-set adjusting

■ 2D Inspection (Standard)

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■   Printing Accuracy: 15ɥm@6s

■   Printing Cycle Speed: 8 to 13 sec

■  Applicable PCB:

NPS510 Model: 510(L) x 450(W) (Single Lane)

NPS650 Model: 650(L) x 450(W) (Single Lane)

NPS850 Model: 8500(L) x 530(W) (Single Lane)               

■   Stencil Size:

650(L) x 650(W) / 736(L) x 736(W)

800(L) x 800(W) / 1000(L) x 800(W)

■  Mixed production of different types of PCBs /

Automatic Stencil position setting / SPI Feedback /

2D inspection / Auto cleaning system