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Fast, Simple and Accurate Conformal Coating Inspection

CX150i™ automates inline conformal coating inspection process using a brand-new UV Strobed Inspection Module (SIM). Based on proven AOI technology, CX150i™ gives you the assurance of quality, consistency and speed.

Designed with an 80 Megapixel sensor, CX150i™ offers UV illumination for conformal coating inspection and white light illumination for component presence/absence inspection.

CX150i™ is powered by AI² (Autonomous Image Interpretation) technology enabling faster and simpler inspection – no parameters to choose or algorithms to tune. AI² offers precise discrimination even with excessive variance delivering accurate results with just one example. All this means lowest false call rates, minimal tuning and quality results with single panel inspection.

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UV Strobed Inspection ModuleNew UV Strobed Inspection Module (SIM)
UV illuminationUV illumination for conformal coating inspection
White IlluminationWhite Illumination for component absence / presence
High ResolutionHigh Resolution (12um) for Best Quality Images
FastFaster, simpler and smarter programming with AI²
AOI systems100% program compatibility with QX series AOI systems

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