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Product Description



AOI / SPI repair NG Buffer Stocker 

As IN-LINE SYSTEM with AOI VISION is the inspection machine, It executes a chip mount inspection. So, the OK PCB of high quality are passed the next process and this system repair that the NG PCB of low quality are loaded on A.L MAGAZINE RACK after turning 90º 


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■ It is more efficient because this system repair after monitoring image file of N.G PCB which is loaded on NG Buffer

■ A management efficiency improvement of the OK/NG PCB 

■ A productivity improvement by the management of the TACT TIME

■ A productivity improvement by the management of the TACT TIME 

■ Minimym space application of X direction (Process direction)

■ System application and afficiency improvement by the TOUCH PANEL operation

■ A productivity improvement and the convenience of worker by width

■ FIFO (First in First Out)




■ PC, Moniter